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Apr 16 2022


All Day

Virginia Verde Festival!

Join us to celebrate the release of the 2021 Virginia Verde. The Catering Outfit and Little Pig will be collaborating for an outdoor food court featuring oysters, smoked meats, and more (see below for the menu!). We’ll have lots of games and fun for the kids, music from Josh Rogan, and much more.

a la carte menu

oysters by the half dozen $15
rappahannock river oysters olde salts, lemon, chili mignonette, cocktail sauce, tobacco

tenders (3 pcs) $12
house breaded chicken tenders, honey mustard

french fries (1/2 lb) $6

tart (v) (1 pc) $6
spring fruits, crème anglaise

beverages $4
still & sparkling saratoga spring water, strawberry lemonade

paris, texas menu

2 meat & 2 side platter $20
1 meat & 2 side platter $16
3 side platter $ 12

“the meats”
boudin blanc (gf)
smoked traditional french sausage

confit (gf)
smoked pork shoulder confit, spicy apple cider vinegar gastrique

brisket (gf)
smoked ragged branch brisket, sauce vierge

salmon (gf)
smoked norwegian salmon, sauce gribiche

“the sides”
baguette (v)
marie bette baguette, whipped butter, maldon, radish

pommes de terre (v, gf)
mixed fingerlings, hard boiled local farm eggs, haricot verts, castelvetrano olives, asparagus, radish, parsley, lemon dijon vinaigrette

pommes (v, gf)
apples stewed with calvados and sweet onion

celery remoulade (v, gf)
think slaw. grated celery root, dijon, duke’s, lemon, granny smith apple

maque choux (v, gf)
heirloom tomatoes, black eyed peas, charred sweet corn, pickled okra, basil, buttermilk herb dressing, balsamic reduction

ratatouille (vn, gf)
cold salad of charred aubergine, summer squashes, mixed peppers, heirloom tomatoes, sour basil vinaigrette, torn burrata

50% of all proceeds go to benefit the Makindu Children’s Program

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